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Where Do You Advertise? Online/offline

Discussion in 'Marketing and Sales' started by eeyorebob, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. So, where do you advertise your business?

    Do you pay for online ads? or just use social media and advertise that way?

    Trying to find new or more effective ways to advertise
  2. Online at the moment, but I also talk to a fair number of people at events and sometimes work can materialise from that, which is nice. I find it easier to advertise online because you have the chance to reach a higher number of people for a much lower cost, and that is definitely a positive thing in my opinion. I am always open to new ideas though, as I could always do with more work to keep me busy!
  3. Mostly through word of mouth, and we go to local schools to recruit new children to learn instruments. My business is a little different to others, so obviously the way we advertise is going to be different as well. We do occasionally do online advertising, but the number of people who see it who aren't from the local area is just a bit of a waste of time to be honest.
  4. Offline in the local papers for us. And we often have repeat clients and word of mouth who've been told about us. Plus we're in full view of the street so people might see us and pull in and ask about our prices, etc. So on the whole we don't struggle for business, and don't find that we have to kill ourselves with advertising bills too much.
  5. We have our Facebook page and a lot of people comment on that. I love the way that whenever people comment or share something, other people see it, and that's where we get the majority of our business at the moment.
  6. It gives you plenty of exposure, that's one of the main things that I really love about social networks. I edited a book for someone not long ago (a family member actually) and he then shared the fact on Facebook, and gave me a glowing reference. He was doing a writing degree, and so were lots of his friends, and I have secured several projects through him because of what he wrote. So there is the opportunity there. You have to be careful about the other way though, because negative press has just as much potential to spread, and obviously you don't want to do that.. so take care of yourself and your reputation.
  7. We often get parents enthusing about how much their kids are enjoying our lessons, and get people in contact thanks to that. You're right about negative press, we've been on the wrong end of that as well, but you just have to make sure that you have a good way to deal with it, if and when it should happen.
  8. Social media bring very small percentage of customers, so need to concentrate on paid advertising as well especially if your business is new. Anyway it will take time before you can make actually good profit and lots of afford. Good Luck!