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Switching From Office To Work From Home

Discussion in 'Researching & Planning your new business' started by Gemma Rowlands, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. You might have something in that theory, to be honest. On the rare day that I worked from home I also had this feeling, and I do think that you're right in that it did feel like I was just on holiday, and I couldn't get into the habit of actually working properly. If you're always doing it, especially if you have a completely separate room in the house to use as your office, then it would be a lot easier to get into the swing of things, I think.
  2. When I first started I used to bring my accounts home with me but now I will try to stay a little later in the evening to get them done instead, or I will do them bit by bit during the day when we're quiet. I just can't concentrate at home, there's way too much going on, and there was nowhere that I was able to set up an 'office' either because we live in a small house. I was using the kitchen table, so I was in the way when my wife wanted to serve the dinner, so it had to stop, and I much prefer it this way. If you're not in the 'work from home' headspace, you're never going to be able to be productive.
  3. I have just set myself up in a separate room in my house to use as an office, although it's more of a junk room at the moment. When I get my new house I'm hoping to have a small bedroom that I can set up as a proper office, with a desk, filing cabinet etc. Then when it's not the working day, it won't be a room that I have to go in at all, whereas the room that I'm now is used for a few other things as well so I'm not able to just switch off completely, as much as I'd like to. There's also the issue that I get my emails through to my iPhone and it's way too tempting to reply to clients who are offering me more work, because if I don't reply, they might just offer it to somebody else!
  4. Why don't you disable your work email from your phone? I couldn't cope if people were emailing me all the time, and if they want to contact me outside of working hours then they're just going to have to wait. Nothing's so urgent that it can't wait, and in my trade there are plenty of people who you could pay double to come out of hours.
  5. If you love your job, as I'm guessing you do, there is both good and bad news. Firstly, chances are you're not going to get distracted from your tasks too much just because of the fact that you're at home. The bad news is that if you're anything like me you just won't know when to stop. Others have said make a timetable and that's a great idea to stop you from overworking. I wish I'd done that sooner. I do love what I do, but working from home leaves me tired out sometimes. It's certainly not the perfect working solution that a lot of people would assume that it was!
  6. I thought I loved it, and that the best idea was to work from home in order to cut the costs of running an office. But the more I think about it, the more I feel I would probably be far too socially isolated, and it would probably drive me mad. So maybe this isn't a step that I should actually do, or push towards doing, at the moment.
  7. If you work from home, you have to have some kind of outside hobby as well, otherwise as you say it will just drive you mad. Is there no way you could work from home maybe a couple of days a week, and then do the rest in the office or something?
  8. Just to say: for me, I think it should be all or nothing. Because if you USUALLY work in the office, and then work from home one day a week, it can be tempting to just have it as a day off, or to do housework or something instead. So it might not work as well as you think. I guess you can try it though, and see what happens with it.
  9. How much are you paying if you don't mind me asking? I personally find that working from home works best when you have a dedicated workspace, ideally in a home office. Sharing the PC for work and pleasure does not bode well. You should take note of the age old saying on this matter.
  10. [​IMG]

    Woops. I have to reluctantly agree though, the amount of work I've put off because of PC-related distractions is astounding.
  11. Unfortuantely it's a mental barrier. There is nothing physically stopping you from using a PC for both, say 6 for work, 2 for pleasre, and it's more efficient. But it's willpower that throws a spanner in this efficiency.
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