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Do You Prefer To Write Review Or Leave Feedback?

Discussion in 'Marketing and Sales' started by cruzo, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Most people doesn't not write review and usually prefer feedbacks.
    Feel like a review is a long, lenthy process. Feedback is a few quick bullet points. IMO

    So how to get customer reviews.

    1. Just ask me

    When you eat at a restaurant, the waiter will ask you whether you like the food. It's accepted as common practice, but how many times do brands ask us what we think of their products?

    It's the same principle, so if I'm using your product, at anytime and anywhere, just ask me what I think.

    2. Email follow-ups

    Get customer email addresses at the point of purchase, even if you sell stock offline. Hotel Chocolat give away a small bar of chocolate if you give them your email address in store.

    Likewise Amazon email me every time I buy something to ask if I would like to leave feedback.

    3 . Make reviews count

    Another thing Amazon does well is to use my reviews to recommend other products that I may like in the future. So by reviewing products, I am helping myself to discover other products that I'd like to buy.

    4. Focus groups

    Before going to market with a product, bringing together a focus group is an essential step for gathering feedback. Once you've got that data then publish it, write a blog post about it and share your findings.

    5. Create a 'reviewographic'

    Collect data from customers and turn it into graphs and data sets to show on an Infographic. It's ideal for presenting lots of good customer data in one go.