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When Do You Work The Best?

Discussion in 'Personal Development & Productivity' started by Gemma Rowlands, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. swartz

    swartz Member

    I care.
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  2. versal567

    versal567 Member

    Be one with the job whatever it is. There is a deeper satisfaction than that which is dependent on the nature of the task. It comes from becoming the task. While your mind is judging the job, comparing it with the weekend, considering a change, wishing for this, hoping for that, regretting, looking forward to, you cannot be said to be 'in attendance' ... i.e., while your mind is divided - as yours is - you will leak your vitality and never reach your current peak. Another word for it is inefficiency. The question is also a problem, it is just another wedge in your consciousness, the essential you is not participating but just observing like a spectator whose team is losing, resisting, holding back what you have to give, saying, "I need to find motivation," casting your mind around looking for nothing really. Absorption in the task does not consider... anything... there is the job and you and then, abandoning the question and just doing what is before you, there is no distinction, no judgement, no comparison, no leakage, and I promise you there is efficiency and refreshment. If you expect the task to be 'engaging enough' to engage you will be asking the same question about every task in your life that has to be done regardless and the majority of tasks in life are necessary not particularly engaging in a happy manner. Properly perceived, all tasks are neutral; it is only your mind, your judgement, your comparisons that bother you, that rob your boss of your real presence and your task of your real skill and brilliance. I am saying that the nature of the task is irrelevant to your satisfaction. The leakage, the dissatisfaction is your judgement which is anything but your participation. Don't think about it! Don't plan to do it! Don't look forward to it! Just do it. All in.
  3. seoMaster

    seoMaster Member

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  4. Jeorge Waters

    Jeorge Waters Member

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