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What Do You Post On Social Media?

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing & Social Media' started by Pete Brindle, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Mike Turner

    Mike Turner Member

    People definitely would. If it's something for kids then even better because people love getting their children personalised things for Christmas, it's a great idea, I think you should go for it.
  2. I would enter that competition, particularly if it's free. You'll find that some people enter contests for all kinds of things just because they're free so it is worth a try. I think people like quirky things at Christmas as well so if you can find something unique you'll be a success with it. Also the ones who don't win might want to have something anyway, and will therefore buy it from you regardless.
  3. Pete Brindle

    Pete Brindle Member

    Just a note: I have seen quite a lot of photos go viral because they're being shared for competitions. Particularly those that are competing for hotel room getaways etc. But arts and craft items would go down very well too, I'm sure.
  4. Does anyone here advertise jobs on social media? I have been thinking about hiring another person for the business but I'm not sure whether I should try by doing that, or to advertise in the normal way, on jobs websites etc.

    Do you think I'd be able to find genuine people using social media?
  5. Pete Brindle

    Pete Brindle Member

    We have hired an administrative post in the past, but the majority of people who we want to work with are already known to us, so there isn't really all that much need to advertise at all. I would say that it is worth a try though, and you could still interview them just as you would have done if they'd applied any other way.
  6. Mike Turner

    Mike Turner Member

    You just have to prepare yourself for a lot of jokers 'applying'. If you're advertising on jobs websites then at least the only people who will be on there are those who are actually looking for jobs, whereas on social networking a lot more people will see it. But it should be quite easy to tell who's being serious and who isn't.
  7. MapleTree

    MapleTree Member

    I use social media quite a bit. If I'm on my business page, I only share things related to my business. On my personal facebook it's cute animals and funny memes, but when it comes to the business page I like to keep it strictly business.
  8. Allegrif

    Allegrif Member

    Sometimes the two have to be slightly intertwined I think. You have to remember that people don't go on Facebook for business - they go for pleasure. You have to appeal to that, hook them in, and then sell them your business.
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  9. olbond

    olbond Member

    I post short but very cute videos. Many people do reposts, really!
  10. cruzo

    cruzo Member

    I would recommend good quality chocolate for adult and different kind of toys for kids
  11. Onslo

    Onslo Member

    For Scottish Businesses & Residents, there is an initiative to get people up skilled in Digital Skills.

    Might be worthwhile looking at this NCFE Digital Marketing course which is free and fully funded by the Scottish Funding Council


    or contact me on onslo@digitalskillsscotland.co.uk
  12. RedSky

    RedSky Member

    I don't use it very much to be honest...