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Video Games

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by versal567, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. versal567

    versal567 Member

    What are some video games that you've played that you thought were truly artistic and meaningful?
  2. poliq

    poliq All is well

    To The Moon by Freebird Games is simply awesome I should say:cool:

    When I bought this game on Steam, I literally had no idea what to expect. I was new on Steam, hadn't really delved too deep into the games, and had bought it on a whim. The two main things that makes this game so wonderful is the music and the story. The story, above all, is based on an interesting premise, and when you get towards the middle, almost end to it, it really can bring you to tears. I was tearing up a bit because the story really does bring the characters to life and much of the story has situations that the player can relate with, making it more real.
  3. swartz

    swartz Member

    My favourite game is the Brute Arena. All that you need is to dress your barbarian as you like, give him the best weapons and armor out of a thousand offered and go to the arena to punish your enemies to become a Champion! :p https://brutes.dmnd.games/
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  4. KateFowler

    KateFowler Member

    I'm not the only one who thinks the game is art. It won Gamespot's award for Best Story of 2011, despite being up against Portal 2. A number of blind Let's Play videos I've watched of the game had the player holding back tears and indeed proclaiming the game was art by the time they were finished.

    Best of all, it's an indie game that's often on sale on Steam, so it won't set you back much. I recommend it to anyone who plays games looking for a great story.
  5. KateFowler

    KateFowler Member

    As for me I like Dota 2, it's very bright game that has a lot of interesting heroes. Also, I prefer different online games like cards, poker etc. Recently, having found http://iospace.games/scribbleio I decided to play it more and more when I have free time to relax. Just a simple game without any thinking processes.
  6. Jeorge Waters

    Jeorge Waters Member

    Artistic? I would say David Cage's 'movie' games like Heavy Rain or Detroit Become Human. If you need more gameplay but with a high level of drama, you can play The Last of Us, for instance, or the last God of War. Lots of big artistic releasing are coming this year too. But until they were released you can play flash games like this https://snailbob.io/snail-bob-4.html