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Scottish Business Expo 2018

Discussion in 'Scottish Business Events & Press Releases' started by MarkB, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Needhelp

    Needhelp Member

    All sounds very interesting - this is the kind of thing this forum should apsire to, bringing business leaders together with the potential entrepeneurs of tomorrow and giving people the confidence to step into the unknown, do something a little different and realise that while starting a business may be challenging it is certainly worth the effort. Even if you were to fail, although nobody should ever think this way, you will still be able to learn some very useful life/business skills.
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  2. Scott Kinnear

    Scott Kinnear Super Moderator Staff Member

    I will have a longer version of the BG Conference in the next week or so, with more detail from the speakers. I recorded the event on my phone, So I am currently typing it into Word, then I will do a blog post and put the link here for anyone who wants to read more of what was said. I wasn't sure If I could put the whole essay into a post here, I am already into page 2, and that's just on Mark Beaumont, I still have the other two speakers to add ;):)