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Scottish Business Confidence Hits 3 Years High According To Bbc Report

Discussion in 'Business News' started by MarkB, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. MarkB

    MarkB Administrator Staff Member

    Just last week the media were saying that the Scottish economy was on the verge of a recession but today apparently business confidence has hit a 3 year high!


    The moral of this post is, go with your gut feeling. Does Scottish business confidence feel like it is at a 3 year high?
  2. Needhelp

    Needhelp Member

    Speak to businesses in your area and look at the local press to get an idea of what is happening in your region. These surveys seem to flip with the wind and can sometimes lead to self fulfilling prophecies.
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  3. OnlineSales

    OnlineSales Member

    Who on here as actually been asked for their view by one of these survey companies? In all my time they have never come near me.
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  4. Businessman

    Businessman Member

    ...Possibly, that's the general idea! :p
  5. MarkB

    MarkB Administrator Staff Member

    Boring headlines dont sell newspapers lol
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  6. Businessman

    Businessman Member

    The confidence that - if you're out and about in the real-world Scottish business community - is carried on the pragmatism , common sense and integrity of various individuals at the helms of numerous small craft. The heart and soul of business is in the majority - who don't live in that rarefied 'Howard's Way' fantasy land that the headliners obsess about.

    Scottish business confidence? Aye, things isnae jist too bad at the minute.
  7. MarkB

    MarkB Administrator Staff Member

    We have seen it time and time again in the past, negative headlines actually lead to self-fulfilling prophecies. Why is it that many business people are never happy with their lot, they want to push things too far too quickly and then jump ship when the going gets tough. I would prefer a more balanced approach to long-term business strategy in Scotland. What hope is there of this!
  8. Businessman

    Businessman Member

    Good question Mark... I think you tend to see that sort of thing in people who view their businesses as cash extraction machines, as opposed to those who do what they do because it's what they do! I don't think the former is sustainable either as a business strategy, lifestyle choice or basis for an economy.
  9. Jeorge Waters

    Jeorge Waters Member

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