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  1. gellinp

    gellinp Member

    Hi, My name is Phil Gelling and I am an IT consultant based in Edinburgh but working for a company called RDF Consulting.

    I am a strong Liverpool supporter and a worried consultant for more than just that reason.

    Looking to make business connections to raise the profile of myself and my company so I can survive the Credit Crunch. All offers of help appreciated especially large sums of money. ;-)

    Specialise in all areas of IT information systems. Give me a call and I'll see how I can help you and your business. mob 07734 387706. :thumbup:
  2. Hello Phil, welcome to SBF. It's great to have you here.

    You have made the right first step, by coming on here and telling us a wee bit about yourself. Networking and keeping your profile about the place is what ends up in peoples minds, so that when they either come to need you or know someone who does...then you are in their heads....so keep on here and get out networking as well.


    PS...Stop mentioning the dreaded CC phrase is banned here, coz it makes people brassed off. Get on with making business.
  3. stuarty

    stuarty Banned

    Welcome Phil,

    Glad to have you onboard

  4. Gordon N

    Gordon N Member

    Welcome Phil, it's a friendly bunch in here I am sure you will enjoy it! :)
  5. Welcome to the forums Phil, hope you find them useful!


  6. MarkB

    MarkB Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Phil

    I have just taken over the forum and it would be interesting to learn how your business has got on over the last 3 years since the forum was last active.