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Offering Free Cryptocurrency Investment Advice

Discussion in 'Starting a business in Scotland? Introductions' started by CryptoWarrior, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. CryptoWarrior

    CryptoWarrior join.altmasters.club

    Hello Everyone!

    Allow me to introduce myself. I have been into Cryptocurrency trading since 2015 and I have had massive gains this 2017. Cryptocurrencies are currently the “IN” thing and like me if you have invested in the right cryptos for the past 6 months you may have already enjoyed 50x up to 100x or more returns depending on which coin you invested on. This time is just the beginning of a lot more opportunities to come for us for atleast the next 5 years.

    Here are a few benefits business wise you can get from purchasing Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies:

    1. Lesser tax fees - Investments have lesser tax fees and some are also tax exempt.
    2. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices are going up and you can be able to take big profits if you have the capital and also if you have the proper guidance on that.

    Cryptocurrencies are really at an infancy stage right now... in fact its really in fetal stage. There is really so much income to be made and not joining it at this moment is like saying you are not gonna join in on the next Bitcoin. Here is a few points in history that I need to reiterate:

    a. Bitcoin rose from less than a cent each to $2570+ right now
    b. If you placed in $10000 capital and bought Ethereum at ICO (Initial Coin Offering) price in 2014 you would have had $7 million right now if you sold ETH at its peak
    c. If you placed in $10000 capital and bought Stratis at ICO price in July 2016, you would have had $5.7 mil right now.

    on my end here are my recent calls...

    d. Ever since 2016, I advised some of my early friends and clients to long hold Ripple because even before a LOT of high tier banks have backed it up its blockchain already has been used in a lot of systems. I have invested in Ripple ever since it was 0.5 - 1 cent a piece and have enjoyed a tremendous amount of growth. I am still holding it for the long haul and will sell a few when it gets to $1 a piece.

    e. I advised my group members to get Antshares (now rebranded to NEO) at a bargain $1 last May 2017. Mid August 2017, NEO is at 40 usd each. You do the math!

    f. After a few technical and fundamental analysis I made of Digibyte I was able to catch it rise Mid May of 2017. Thankfully I was able to hitch the ride and also had some of my friends and clients follow me as well. We were able to enjoy 5-6x growth within less than a month buying in at May 20ish and selling on June 7-8 of 2017.

    g. I currently have handpicked two undervalued coins that are gonna be the next Ethereum which are currently trading very cheap right now.

    I offer the following:

    1. FREE Cryptocurrency investment advice - simply contact me via my contact details below. Feel free to checkout our Steemit channel and Gliph group as well.

    Steemit: https://steemit.com/@cryptowarrior88/
    Gliph: https://gli.ph/g/A2VMo3/leqw8UhWtvL3fPgn-o1RW_VBYghd-iE4JE3kEm1tCJc=

    2. I am also part of a team of experts running an elite Cryptocurrency investment forum where we share the latest BUY and SELL signals as well as a ton of insider Fundamental Analysis on our chosen coins.

    Forum: http://join.altmasters.club/

    3. I also offer paid Cryptocurrency Portfolio management to clients. I currently have around 14 ongoing clients who are enjoying great rewards due to my Portfolio management service.

    I am glad to be of help to you on dipping yourself in the waters of Cryptocurrency trading an even just holding bitcoins. Tell me what you need. You can reply via email or you can add me on Telegram.

    Email: inquiry@altmasters.club
    Telegram: @johnrobo88
  2. JasonLee

    JasonLee Member

    Hi, so as i understand you offer me to invest in bitcoins with your help? If i say i want, can you prove that i will earn something. Can i protect every transfer that i will do with your company? I know few services but i dont know true them or not like bitcoin mixer where you can mix different crypts and transfer them or others?