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Newbie Needing Tips And Advice

Discussion in 'Starting a business in Scotland? Introductions' started by scotgal17, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. scotgal17

    scotgal17 Member

    Good morning everyone, I'm moving back to Scotland this month from Spain (due to marriage breakdown) and I am talking with my family about hopefully starting a business. I have a few stumbling blocks as I have no assets, no savings and no credit in the UK as I became a Spanish resident 7 years ago (basically sold up and moved family here).

    I'm hoping my family will give me some financial backing to get started initially (I assume this may also mean any loans etc will have to be in a family member's name). I am passionate about animals (I have helped for 2 and a half years in a Spanish dog/cat rescue performing various tasks both manual and non-manual), and so I am looking at starting a business along the lines of a pet shop or a boarding kennels.

    In terms of finance, a pet shop seems the best option and I have found one for sale local to my hometown. I do not have much in the way of business knowledge and so I'm looking for guidance and advice on anything that I may have missed when I have brainstormed what I will need to consider for the business.

    I have come up with: Business rates (have checked and applies for 100% discount as is a small business), electric, water, stock, Public liability insurance..... and now I'm stuck! I will not have any staff and so there would just be my own wage/profit to consider.

    I want to have a full picture so that when I discuss this in person with my family I have all done all of the research I need to to show that I am committed to taking this (ad)venture on.

    Thanks in advance.