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Link Building Tips

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing & Social Media' started by Scottish Business Owner, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. I'm gonna link below to an excellent article from Hobo Web on link building. Off the back of this I'm hoping that we can share tips on how you all approach link building. Is it something you actively do and have you found any proven ways of doing it?

    SEO – Free Link Building Tips To Market Your Website Online | Hobo

    I follow Hobo Web via RSS and I really do think they know their stuff. So feel free to browse around their site if you want to find out a bit more about SEO. They also have two excellent free guides on their sit that are also excellent :)
  2. Adventurelife

    Adventurelife Member

    All good . The Hobo guys now their stuff.

    I look at links in two ways

    Links for seo benefit ( I know they all benefit)

    Links that drive business

    For see I use a combination of many of the things they suggest. For ones that drive business I speak to the owners of the site. There is no one right way just different ways with each business

    Example of an accommodation site who we work with, he also wants to list all activity companies as everyone does business with him so we just end up being one link within many. So in this case we go a little bit further

    See thebunkhouse

    So by giving him help with his site marketing by film we get dedicated links plus more film views of what we do.

    Link building is a creative and each business searching for links has to come up with innovative ways of getting them.
  3. Thanks for the input Peter. I thought i'd also share something I am doing to see what people think of it and whether I should keep doing it. I've been approaching local councils across Scotland asking them to put links on their site to both SBF ad SBB. I've linked to an example from Fife Council below but we also have others.

    fifedirect - Support and Advice for Business - Scottish Business Network

    I've read in a few places that local council and government sites can carry a little more weight in terms of the link value so it seemed obvious to me to try and get as many as I could. Once you get one you are then able to reference that when you approach others so i'm seeing it becoming easier to secure the links.

    I know we have a few link building experts on here so it would be great to hear your thoughts on what I am doing and of course some more hints and tips :)
  4. Adventurelife

    Adventurelife Member


    Yes council and education and government sites in general do carry more weight or they used to anyway. As always things are changing and I am not fully up to date so best to listen to those that do it as a job.

    However, I would suggest you do not need to gain that many more links for seo benefit. Do any search with regards business forums in Scotland and this site will show.

    You should be thinking more about links that drive new members. It is a crowed space this site is in and one that is only going to get more busy so it is difficult. The words chicken and egg which comes first spring to mind when thinking about businesses forums.
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  5. MarkB

    MarkB Administrator Staff Member

    One thing I have learned is to go for quality not quantity - however, your link building does also need to look "natural" so a sprinkling of run of the mill links probably wouldnt harm your site.

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