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Learning PHP

Discussion in 'IT & Technology' started by Scottish Business Owner, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Hi Folks,

    I have quite a thirst for knowledge and education in general. I like to read lots and spend quite a bit of time online. Is it feasible for someone like me with no programming knowledge to teach myself PHP?

    Would another way be to learn about html and css etc and look at how websites are built etc before going in to something more heavy like php or are they two completely seperate things and dont compliment each other at all?

    Your views? :)
  2. RedEvo

    RedEvo Member

    To build dynamic sites using PHP you would need a solid understanding of HTML and CSS, that should be a given. This place is great for learning.

  3. stugster

    stugster Member Staff Member

    W3Schools.com is a fantastic resource!

    I also use www.webmonkey.com for a nice and simple step-by-step learning experience :)
  4. Thanks for the links chaps. I'll certainly be doing some further research and as Dave suggest i'll start a little bit further back in the process. HTML here i come :p
  5. stugster

    stugster Member Staff Member

  6. Ana Mackay

    Ana Mackay Member

    i think you can use w3schools and you can learn a lot about programming and coding by yourself. When i want to learn something related to programming and coding assignment help UK so i use this because it is really simple and easy.