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How To Become Successful In Forex Trading?

Discussion in 'Personal Development & Productivity' started by Twinflower, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Twinflower

    Twinflower Member

    What do you think? Maybe someone has an experience with it?
  2. Dilan123

    Dilan123 Member

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  3. Ronald123321

    Ronald123321 Member

    It is interesting...I thing it is good idea to earn money
  4. swartz

    swartz Member

    While this point is often neglected by beginners, it is impossible to overemphasize the importance of the choice of broker. That a fake or unreliable broker invalidates all the gains acquired through hard work and study is obvious. But it is equally important that your expertise level, and trading goals match the details of the offer made by the broker. What kind of client profile does the forex broker aim at reaching? Does the trading software suit your expectations? How efficient is customer service? All these must be carefully scrutinized before even beginning to consider the intricacies of trading itself.Please refer to https://fx-list.com/cfd-forex-brokers to find a reliable broker that suites your trading style.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
  5. seoMaster

    seoMaster Member

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  6. poliq

    poliq All is well

    Trading financial markets like the stock market and Forex (foreign currency market) carries some degree of risk because there is also a financial reward. You cannot expect to gain without some risk.

    Financial markets all work basically the same. Everyone takes a position in the market at some entry price/level with the hope of getting out at a more favorable (profitable) price.

    Forex is a very volatile (fast moving/big swings) market. The price of the currency pairs you are trading moves constantly and often in large increments. The risk is a sudden move against your position. Experienced traders are used to this fast price action. Newer traders may not be used to this volatility making it difficult for them to trade profitably.
  7. versal567

    versal567 Member

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