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How Long Does It Take You To Travel To Work

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by Scottish Business Owner, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. I had the pleasure of a two hour commute to work this morning due to some issues on the Forth Road Bridge :(

    Due to this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-34980905

    I'm becoming more and more aware of how much time I actually spend simply in my car in long queues and to be honest it's really depressing me :(

    I'm interested in finding out how long it takes you to travel to work and what you think is an acceptable timeframe?
  2. stugster

    stugster Member Staff Member

    You'll be pleased to hear that it's closed until New Year then! Gah!
  3. Delighted..... NOT!

    My trip to London today started at just after 3am as I had to go the long way round to Edinburgh Airport to catch a 6am flight.

    I'm currently in the airport on the way home and have the same trip to look forward to when I land :(

    Looking like after midnight before I get home.

    This will be costing the economy a fortune.

    Who'd be a Fifer eh :p
  4. 45 minutes to my part time employed job, sometimes an hour in bad traffic. Once it took 1 hour 30 when I had to battle with 4 sets of roadworks in 17 miles.
  5. Allegrif

    Allegrif Member

    It's a very, very long time for me. I have to crawl out of bed, walk down at least 13 stairs, then all the way into the office. It's grueling ;)
  6. You're making me jealous, my commute is going to be over an hour tomorrow. Urgh, if only I had a reliable car.
  7. Still taking around 2 hours to get in and about an hour and a half to get home :(

    Pretty amazing what it does to your body clock!
  8. saltire

    saltire Member

    I had the pleasure of going to Perth today via Kincardine to view a new property I am purchasing.

    Needless to say I wont be venturing north again until the bridge is sorted. Total nightmare :mad:
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 19, 2018
  9. swartz

    swartz Member

    Practically two hours...