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How Do You Keep Up With Technology?

Discussion in 'IT & Technology' started by Scottish Business Owner, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Every day there seems to be a new app or a new pice of software that's the best thing since sliced bread.

    It must be really difficult for small business owners to keep up to date with everything that's going on.

    There's no doubt that technoligy can really help you build your business but how do you keep on top of learning all these great tools to make sure you use them to get maximum value.

    How do you keep up with it? What's your secrets? :)
  2. justDAJ

    justDAJ Member

    I see it as my job to keep up with Technology and advise my clients on the best solution for their business needs.

    Similarly, I expect my accountant, for example, to keep up to date on changes and advise me accordingly.
  3. I try try try to give everything a go where possible. Even the things like electronic receipt records I don't really like because I much prefer to be able to keep hold of things! But I do use them now because I feel as though I need to keep up with things.

    I look at my Grandparents and struggle to understand why they can't work things like smartphones - the type of thing that we as a generation can just get hold of and know how to work - and then I realise that there are some things I struggle with myself now, and that in the future I won't have a bloody clue either!
  4. Pete Brindle

    Pete Brindle Member

    We're constantly updating the way we teaching the students. We have YouTube tutorials up now, and we're currently in the process of developing an app for iPad to allow the students to undertake certain pieces of work for homework etc. Being with children, it's important that we keep up, because it keeps everything nice and interesting for them, too!
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  5. andybrowne

    andybrowne Member

    I watch technology based channels, surf upcoming technologies sites , blogs and forum. These few things keep me updated about new technologies.
  6. Do you have any examples of blogs you read? I wouldn't mind trying to keep up to date with a few myself to be honest.
  7. Lauren Turner

    Lauren Turner Member

    I don't think I do, really. I managed to work out Facebook and the iPad, but I have no idea how to use a lot of things that perhaps other people are able to use easily. No need for it really, so I've just never bothered with it.
  8. You only need to keep up with it to the extent that you need to, though. If you find that you're able to deal with everything business related just doing what you're doing then that's fine. It's only if you start falling behind that it would begin to be a problem, but that doesn't seem to be the case for you at all.
  9. Pete Brindle

    Pete Brindle Member

    If all you need to do is stay in touch with people, that's all you need to know how to do. Technology is capable of all kinds of things, and I bet there's nobody in the entire world who actually knows how to do all of it. It sounds as though you have things well under control and working for you, and that's the main thing.
  10. Mike Turner

    Mike Turner Member

    I used to be incredibly bad at this, but I am getting better. I know that people like to get in touch in different ways than they may have done in the past, and I also know that if I don't keep up to date with this, I'm effectively shooting myself in the foot. So I am now trying to understand social networks, several of them really!
  11. Jeorge Waters

    Jeorge Waters Member

  12. Twinflower

    Twinflower Member

    That's a wise choice because social media marketing is one of the best tools for advertising your business. Instagram and Facebook are one of the best platforms for this.
  13. RedSky

    RedSky Member

    Technology is now one of the most important elements for developing any successful business. It covers in general not only using of various gadgets but also net resources, different programs and apps, the main thing now is finding the most effective combination of them for your business (and they can vary greatly according to the specific sphere in which you work).
    For example, during the last years different apps for business became more and more popular, especially considering how widespread smartphones and tablets became too.
    They also have many helpful functions like for example:
    - creating direct communication and geo-targeting marketing (they're effective for increasing the interest of your customers. boosting their loyalty for your brand and fast advertising of new products and promotional offers)
    - increasing of the brand recognition (such apps help to create a stronger connection between you and your customers https://theappsolutions.com/ through constant notifications and reminders, such approach also encourages them to make new purchase)
    - improving the customers engagement (fast and effective reverse communication is very important for any customer, as solving all their problems and complaints)
    - increasing general levels of sales (because comparing with classic websites using of the apps are more convinient for the customers and many of them prefer to look through the products and services from their smartphones/tablets, and purchase them in such way too)