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How Can I Control My 13 Year Old Son?

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by versal567, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. versal567

    versal567 Member

    How can I control my 13 year old son? Please, help me with your advises
  2. poliq

    poliq All is well

    That’s the problem. Your husband doesn’t help you laying down the law. He only listens to your husband because he probably allows your son to do whatever he wants.

    How does your husband treat you? Perhaps your son is just following his lead. You have to lay down the law to your husband. Perhaps then he’ll see the harm he’s doing to your son.

    If nothing else works, enroll him in a military school. That’ll wake his little ass up real quick. Specifically, enroll him in a military school run by the Marines. Some old retired Gunnery Sergeant working there will have a profound effect on your son’s attitude.
  3. swartz

    swartz Member

    One option is that he can earn “screen time” or I like to call it time with electronics, and phones count as electronics. you can make a list of chores and how much screen time each chore is worth so that he has a clear goal. Some people will do variations of this depending on what goal they have for their children. One person wanted her kids to go outside so they earned screen time equal to the time they had spent outside. One person may want her kid to read so it could be equal to reading time. If you control the internet and electronics then you're son will have no choice if he wants to use those things. When he grows older you can try mspy to monitor his calls and location softly without interfering in his private life. This system has helped me a lot with my boys. So it is up to you to decide how to protect your kid from the outside world