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How are you using your iPad for business purposes?

Discussion in 'IT & Technology' started by stugster, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. stugster

    stugster Member Staff Member

    Just wanted to chuck up a quick post to see how others are using their iPad (or other!) devices for business uses.

    We use LogMeIn Ignition (£17) which gives us instant access to all clients computers that are on a monthly agreement. No longer am I stuck with having to get the laptop out, waiting on it loading up, getting onto the Wireless.

    I've also taken advantage of iSSH (£6) which now gives me direct access to all my linux-based servers. It allows you to save all the details as public keys rather than user/pass so I can revoke access from the server should the iPad ever get lost or stolen.

    MedScape is another one; although technically completely unrelated to business! I just can't believe this app is free. It's got a plethora of medical information from drug information, drug interactions, to best practices and guidelines! If you've got an iPad, go and install this and have a quick browse. (I think there's an Android and Blackberry version too).

    So, come on! What do you use yours for?
  2. Mike Lewis

    Mike Lewis Member

    Very interesting, Stuart. I don't use an iPad myself for work, but it's interesting to see what possibilities exist.

    LogMeIn Ignition sounds useful. I'm not sure if I'd use it very often, as I generally do remote support work from my desk; I'm not often called on to do it when I'm on the move. But it's good to know about.

    As for MedScape, I've heard a lot of good things about it. In fact, I think it's currently the most popular mobile app in the UK (I read that somewhere).

  3. shredder

    shredder Member

    I use it to

    read large PDF documents and refer to them in meeting, saves carrying about hard copies.

    Use Notes Plus to takes handwritten notes in meetings, I can have a separate notebook for each project and always have the right one with me.

    Use IAnnotate to read and mark up PDF docs.

    Use Documents to Go for opening and edditing Microsoft Office documents

    Email calendar contacts synced/pushed to my corporate Notes server, much more readable/useable than reading emails on a smart phone.

    Kindle app for books.

    Big apple fan here although I use windows/Microsoft office for business.
  4. Well one of my most recent uses which has been really positive is Hootsuite on the iPad. A great application!

    Probably the most used app on my iPad is the Kindle app. I read lots of books so I tend to use this app on a daily basis. Like the Sky News app which is free. A different way of doing things but I really like the timeline aspect to it.

    Currently testing Keynote to see if it's any use. Trying others so will come back and report :)
  5. Predominantly photo viewing for which it is second to none and looking at airplay and apple tv to stream the pictures to a tv at the same time. Email, documents, website updating, blogs, Kindle, podcasts to keep up with what's happening in my industry and absolutely no gaming or anything not to do with my business.
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  6. stugster

    stugster Member Staff Member

    Hahahah :D
  7. BioOutsource

    BioOutsource Member

    Well iPAD is really an interesting device which give you lot of freedom and portability. In our business where we have a dedicated platform for out clients where they can view about virus or vaccine tests that we conduct. iPad provide us liberty to demonstrate the testing progress and results. That has indeed helped us wining some new high profile contacts.
  8. inthebox

    inthebox Member

    We can use ipad for business because we can show our work to our client, any type of demonstration can be shown on ipad. I think ipad is best for the business perpose..
  9. DickW

    DickW Member

    iPads are pathetic. Much better to spend the same amount of money on a laptop which have bigger screens and can be used for a range of tasks. That apart I won't buy Apple stuff on principle because they're all manufactured in communist China but still aren't cheap.
  10. shredder

    shredder Member

    Couldn't disagree more Dick. iPads are fantastic! It not a choice between a laptop or an iPad in my view, both are useful, if they wernt no one would buy them. I have seen a huge growth in business use of ipads recently amongst my clients. Also I can't fault apple on it's business strategy and outsourcing manufacturing to china or elsewhere is not uncommon. The price of a product shoulnt be based on a simple mark up of cost but reflect what the market is willing to pay and will therefore reflect a return on the investment in the brand and so on.
  11. stugster

    stugster Member Staff Member

    Where exactly do you think most of the components for your laptop originate?
    I also have to disagree. My iPad has paid for itself ten times over in my business.
  12. Mike Lewis

    Mike Lewis Member

    Dick, isn't it a bit ingenuous to say an iPad is "pathetic", just because laptops have bigger screens and can be used for more tasks? That's like saying that a family car is pathetic because it's smaller than a lorry and can't carry a ten-tonne load.

    Personally, I have no use for an iPad. I can't envisage any way it could help me in my business, and it's too heavy and bulky for me to carry around as an MP3 player or ebook reader. But there are obviously many areas where an iPad excels. Just because it might compare unfavourably with a laptop doesn't mean it doesn't fill a genuine need.

  13. I have to agree with the others. I really wouldn't be without my iPad.

    In the last two weeks alone i've given a presentation using it, I can access my online accounting system for both my own business and certain clients. I can also use a myriad of different apps like mind mapping, ever note, dropbox, the list is really endless! Couple this with all the personal stuff like reading books, editing various websites and amazing books and apps for my kids the iPad really is a joy.

    I dont think there is anything out there that rivals it at present and I actually believe the whole kids and education area of the iPad is one alot of people should look at because it isn't just a business toy. It's simply amazing how my three and six year old girls interact with it. :)
  14. DickW

    DickW Member

    It depends on what you use your computers for. Most of my computer time is spent writing studies and articles so I need a proper keyboard whether it's my laptop or my PC. So for me an iPad would be a pointless expense.

    In any event I've already said I won't buy any Apple products because it's a company that represents all that is bad about offshoring. Doing deals with the communist Chinese is already proving strategically dangerous for the West because they now own huge amounts of Western debt and every iPad you buy helps boost that.

    Sorry if that offends but I look at what they're doing in the energy sector using the wealth we've transferred to them and I and many other analysts see Chinese expansion as extremely dangerous. They now even own half of Grangemouth refinery!
  15. shredder

    shredder Member

    Got me thinking this - is it even possible to avoid buying a electronic product with no Chinese components or labour ?
    Do you only buy products designed/manufactured/assembled from democratic western countries Dick? Is there a list so other can follow your example if they were so inclined?
    does this need a new thread given its not really about the ipad ?
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  16. Consensus IT

    Consensus IT Member

    Personally i use it to show off! going in to pitch a solution to a client is great when you get to say " dont worry about a projector or anything i'll just use my HD cable and hook my Ipad to your HD TV!" just the extra style points in my pocket!
  17. rach27

    rach27 Member

    As a designer the iPad is great for quickly showing someone my portfolio and it's handy when I go to Neros for a coffee and want to make some quick notes or just look for some inspiration. :)
  18. It's interesting revisiting this thread after so long. To be honest my opinion hasn't changed at all. I take my iPad pretty much anywhere I go. My use has changed slightly with quite a bit of time now being spent doing presentations in Keynote and then hooking via an AppleTV. Most people are really impressed by this :p

    It sill invaluable for the kids and some of the story apps and educational apps simply blow me away. My youngest daughter has just started school and I think she'll do really well and part of this is down to the time she has spent on the iPad learning about numbers and the alphabet in a fun way!

    Another thing worth mentioning is an App called Business Model Generation which is awesome on the Ipad and has helped a number of my clients :)
  19. DickW

    DickW Member

    Do Samsung do an equivalent?
  20. bree82

    bree82 Member

    Being in the property investment industry, I use my Ipad for quick photos and I can even upload the images directly to my listing site and keep in direct contact with potential clients.