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Have You Taken Any Business Courses

Discussion in 'Personal Development & Productivity' started by MarkB, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. MarkB

    MarkB Administrator Staff Member

    I have been tempted to sign up to some business courses over the years but never quite got around to it. Has anyone on here signed up to any to improve their skills and experience?

    One issue I have is time, I just dont have any when I am working for myself.
  2. Businessman

    Businessman Member

    Yes, I've taken quite a few! Not sure how accessible they are nowadays, but it used to be possible to access individual HN (or even NC) units via the FE colleges... I actually did an SHNC in business studies over the course of three years via 'night school' in the late 80s. But have added many other units since Scotvec and later the SQA came into being... Most of the old HND Marketing units for instance, SVQ L3 Owner/Manager, Scots Law, media law etc. - I've also done numerous industry-specific courses and studied things like ISO 9001 and PRINCE-II
  3. selfemployed

    selfemployed Super Moderator

    Would it be crass of me to suggest that those seeking funding from the authorities - i.e. the tax payer - should attend various courses to help them where there may be a gap in their experience?

    I struggle to find time to do courses but if I was seeking additional financial assistance it may be the incentive I needed if taking these courses was a condition. Then again - who would pay for the courses?

    All in all I think it would be a win win for tax payers, the authorites and those receiving the funding.
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  4. Businessman

    Businessman Member

    Totally agree S.E. - The modular nature of the modern system is actually very good; and occasionally courses can be funded by various means. But I'm basically of the opinion that the FE system should be as 'free' and open as Libraries once were. Education is power, and yes, it would be win-win. But then the injelitant fear the truly educated!
  5. Needhelp

    Needhelp Member

    Personally I would be interested in taking a home-based course which I could do in my spare time but where do you start? There are so many different courses available that I have been a little concerned that I would be wasting my time if I picked the wrong one. Does anybody have any recommendations for small business courses?
  6. Businessman

    Businessman Member

    The first step when considering taking any course is to ask yourself, where are the relevant gaps in your skillset?

    The next thing to think about is your core educational level...

    Advanced-level course, without exception, are absolutely dependent on the assumption that the candidate has prior learning and knowledge. Unfortunately, the school system has failed and continues to fail a significant number of people. And it's not necessarily down to what's certificated (or not) - it's more a case of what you're comfortable and confident with; and you need to be honest with yourself in this respect.

    I'd suggest that speaking to the management section a your local FE college might be a good first step; if only to gather some current guidance. There was, at one point, an SVQ owner-manager course, and there is certainly an SVQ structure for employed managers. - These are 'in work' courses completed through a portfolio with a little in-class work. And they contribute to your portfolio in a recognised and useful way.

    One more important consideration is to ensure that the course you're attending is properly accredited by a legitimate organisation such as the SQA or City and Guilds. - It's also beneficial if the course - or module - is 'levelled' in relation to the SCQF, and contributes meaningfully to your formal record of education and training.

    And of course, it's also important to learn something useful to you - perhaps even that's the most important thing.
  7. Wills

    Wills Member

    Good point, on establishing my current business I looked at the industries qualification system only to find most were simply subscription memberships with various levels of awards these would lapse if you stopped being a member, I chose to do a Bachelor of Arts Degree in photography and think this was the best approach as its a recognised formal qualification that belongs to me.
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  8. Scott Kinnear

    Scott Kinnear Super Moderator Staff Member

    I have not really done any certificated courses for a couple of years now, I done an Event Management Course and a Wordpress Website and Blog Course. Last year I done an online course through NetRegs on Waste, Recycling and Renewable Energy.

    I tend to do courses in the winter months, as between work and gardening, no time during the garden season.