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Have You Ever Had Success With Newspaper Advertising?

Discussion in 'Marketing and Sales' started by Zarostulus, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Zarostulus

    Zarostulus Member

    I've been told to try paying for an ad in my local paper, but I'm a little apprehensive. Will I really see anything from this? It just feels so... old fashioned?

    Has anyone here has success from this?
  2. Allegrif

    Allegrif Member

    It depends what you're doing. If you sell physical products I wouldn't recommend it, but it's actually quite good for web designers. You tend to find that many older business owners who aren't very tech savvy still check in physical advertising space for someone to help them.
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  3. Zarostulus

    Zarostulus Member

    That's what I've been told before, but I'm honestly struggling now to think of anyone who doesn't have at least some access to the internet. Even the older generation are becoming silver surfers!
  4. cruzo

    cruzo Member

    What about if I am selling furniture. Does it worth to use newspaper for advertising?
  5. cruzo

    cruzo Member

    That is very well said, I think online advertising that's what I will stick to
  6. Needhelp

    Needhelp Member

    I have tried this on numerous occasions and had no success whatsoever. I am sure there must be a knack to this which I have yet to master!
  7. Businessman

    Businessman Member

    Newspaper advertising was always tricky, even back in the days when most people actually read newspapers!

    Small ads rarely have much by way of effect... Once upon a time certain papers carried a 'business to business' section of these. Even back in the mid-late 80s that was considered 'old hat' and a bit of a throwaway.

    Display ads are a kind of 'baseline useful' in terms of getting your branding into the back of people's minds. To be effective you need to be running them for a minimum of about 18 months, they need to be of good quality and in a good regular position, and they need to be a part (rather than the pivot) of a cohesive cross-media campaign.
  8. Wills

    Wills Member

    When people are actually looking for you then yes, if you are hoping to catch someone’s attention then it’s more difficult. I used to advertise in the local weekly paper and since my audience was reading the paper I had regular enquiries and bookings, fast forward 10yrs and the papers circulation has dropped so much the opportunities have gone yes the plumber, electrician and painters still find work especially from those who don’t use technology. No doubt this replicates in the nationals, dwindling readers and low circulation numbers but it is selective maybe it is still valuable for some businesses.

    Who else on the forum has first hand experience?