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Great SEO Infographic

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing & Social Media' started by Scottish Business Owner, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Thought I would share the below infographic with you all. Great for anyone starting out with websites and seo etc.

  2. Tina Vargas

    Tina Vargas Member

    I'd like to share this on our blogsite. This is great and very useful! ;)
  3. Great info graphic .... We love things like this!
  4. Annie

    Annie Member

    That truly is amazing even I would love to share it on my fb page that is created for SEO.
  5. efpierce

    efpierce Member

    I don't know where infographics came from, but they are my favorite thing now! To find one based on some good seo tips is even better. I have been trying to get a site to rank for many months now and have had no luck. Maybe these tips will help me out.
  6. Hi efpierce, good to see you here. Just a word of caution, this thread is over a year old and as I am sure you are aware google particularly has made oooodles of changes. If you are struggling with an SEO dilemma do give us a shout, let's see if we can help? Not sure what business you are in, but there are usually some things that can be changed in order to help with rankings.

    Katie :)
  7. That's a good point Katie - will actually unsticky this thread.

    I'll try and find something that's more up to date :)
  8. Hey - good to see you :) Started getting these thread notifications through again so presuming you've started the forums up again. Give us an email, would be good to catch up.

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  9. MrsDev

    MrsDev Member

    After reading the above info, just goes to show how bad I am at SEO. Despite it being important I've never focused on doing it, or had the time to if I am honest. For starters, I never put any information in the meta data. Never!

    I have hundreds of pages I'm going to have to trawl through and update as I am trying to get ahead of my competitor.

    Thanks for sharing (when I get the time), I'll definitely come back to reread.
  10. Hi Jade,

    I think it's worth mentioning the comments immediately above. It's pretty clear that the whole SEO thing changes all the time. From what I read it seems that social signals seem to be the way things are going. That's not to say though that some of the fundamentals won't change.

    Katie from Aviemore Business is probably more up to date with things than me. Another great reference guide is the free starter guide from Hobo Web. You can see it on their site at http://www.hobo-web.co.uk/ :)
  11. MrsDev

    MrsDev Member

    By social signals do you mean Facebook & Twitter etc? If so I'm stuffed either way as I am utterly useless at updating my page even with over 2k of followers!

    I find stuff like that a chore. I'm a tweaker, I am constantly tweaking my website which just takes up all my time! :D

    Currently going through the biggest upgrade ever!

    I'll start with the meta data stuff, as I am sure it will be helpful. It's the same with image names, pretty much all of my image names are random letters and numbers. Bad really as I do have a couple of images which are named correctly, and display image results in 3rd & 4th position.
  12. Fedric

    Fedric Member

  13. olbond

    olbond Member

    It's very helpful. I've been new to SEO, so I highly appreciate such comprehensive resources. I have recently come across Audit4top SEO blog that I find incredibly informative too.