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Do You Still Market Offline?

Discussion in 'Marketing and Sales' started by MarkB, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. MarkB

    MarkB Administrator Staff Member

    Do you still market your products and services offline? While the internet now allows even the smallest of companies to access the worldwide market, surely local offline marketing still has a role to play? Are some businesses missing an opportunity to grab more local custom due to our obsession with going worldwide?
  2. I guess it depends on your industry. But I definitely think that offline marketing is still very important - especially as part of a 'joined-up' marketing strategy, combined with email, social media etc... And I'm not just saying that because I run a print company ;-)
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  3. selfemployed

    selfemployed Super Moderator

    It may sound bizarre but I read all of the news online now and I actually miss moving away from my computer to read a good old fashioned newspaper.

    I have always thought that the trend towards online buying and away from physical shops will turn at some point and visiting physical shops will become popular again - the internet will always be the number one retail market but shops are not yet dead and buried.
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  4. Businessman

    Businessman Member

    I do virtually NO marketing online... No Twitter, No Facebook, No Instagram... And until earlier today, not even a forum! - Although in years past, I'd been a regular user of them.

    Having been 'online' since before the internet even existed - and a user of the internet itself since the days of Compuserve; for me it just got jaded... One big weans' playground; and not a place where I could interact with the people I need to be talking to. Things really started to go downhill circa 2006-ish. And since about 2012 when we do make a push it's generally via print and post. - Mind you, I've been around long enough that people know me, come back regularly and tend to put business my way.

    - Our website's been 'down' since before Christmas (we generally do that over the holiday) for a bit of a wash and brush up. -Been too busy to put it back up!
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  5. Needhelp

    Needhelp Member

    Shhhhhhh, keep the offline market out of the limelight so we can all benefit :)
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  6. Wills

    Wills Member

    We no longer do any off line marketing in the way of advertising, leaflets, calls, emails, post or network meetings, We have acquired a lot of international clients and without the Internet we would never have them and working with local businesses may sound ideal it puts too many eggs in one basket.
  7. cruzo

    cruzo Member

    I think offline market it is still quite important, but only if you established for a while, or you are in great location, or you have intention do your business for couple of years before you will get real profit.
  8. Jeorge Waters

    Jeorge Waters Member

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