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Customs Brokers

Discussion in 'Keeping it Legal' started by Twinflower, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Twinflower

    Twinflower Member

    How to choose the one for import of goods in USA? Share with your experience please. Thanks.
  2. RedSky

    RedSky Member

    That depends on type of your business and moreover on a certain country where you're planning to trade. It's known that various countries have different customs regulations which can change too and knowing all of them are very important for developing the legal business. Considering that it's not recommended to start your own shipping, the safest and the most effective solution is finding the experienced, certified and licensed custom broker.
    While choosing them you'll need to pay attention on such things as the broker's experience in your industry and trading with certain countries https://clearitusa.com/, reviews and references about the broker from other clients, their ability to handle your volume and only the ones who have an approved customs declaration system. The last one if one of the most important things for avoiding any illegal issues in your business.