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Advice On Startup Website And Email Accounts

Discussion in 'Starting a business in Scotland? Introductions' started by Liz Bud, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Liz Bud

    Liz Bud Member


    I am in the process of starting up a small business and want to get a website and email account set up.

    I have done a little bit of research and there seems to be a number of website design and host companies available. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    I am just looking for a basic website but one that can be used efficiently through a smart phone as I believe that most people now use their phones to search for service provider rather than their desk tops.
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  2. HI Liz,

    Did anyone help you with this? if not I can help you with this.
    All our sites are mobile friendly and affordable for local or small businesses.
    To help get you started we offer 6 months free hosting and a free ssl (makes your site use the https instead of http, helps with trust and rankings)
    Here is a link to our contact page, or just pm me on here :)

  3. MattW

    MattW Administrator

    You want to make sure the site is "responsive" and will fit all the required content on multiple display sizes and resolutions. Any good web designer / company should be able to do this. Most people go for a modified Wordpress site though I've found for their initial company website.
  4. We live in a time where online presence was part of the everyday life of most of us. According to the report of the International Telecommunication Union, 47% of the world's population uses the Internet in 2016, and this percentage is growing every day. So, if you still have the dilemma that your business needs a website or not, you are doing a complete injustice in your business.

    "An effective website is the cornerstone of your business - the important information stored in it, and your customers expect you to get it." - Raubi Marie Perilli
    Even though the importance of online presence of all types and sizes of business is growing, there are still some small businesses that do not start their own website for their business. So, here are some good reasons why you need to have a website for your business?

    The Role of the Web
    Your site - is a platform that provides all the information about your services. In this internet world you can search for what is needed and you can get information about a product that can help you make the decision to buy or not. So, being a small business owner, you should know that creating a web page for your business - is not an expensive luxury, and the availability of the key tools that are needed for every business.

    24 * 7 * 365 -
    Customers can contact you, and check you offer products and services, even if your store or office is closed. The website is available to all at any time. Through the website, you actually increase the chances of selling, even when you are sleeping at home.

    Increase your customer base -
    Believe it or not, more than 2.4 billion people use the Internet every day, is not that a large number? Another interesting fact is that of these 2.4 billion. About 90% or buy something, or contact the company when they need it on the Internet during the past year. So, if you do not have your own website, you are losing customers for your business.

    Website helps in creating Trust-
    If you have a website suitable for your business, provide more opportunities for your business in terms of getting your trust to "become customers." Because instead of searching online before buying any product or service. So, if you have found that your site addresses the services they need, and also found good reviews from previous clients. Then, of course, you get a new customer.

    None of the website does not mean the loss of business opportunities -
    Despite the fact that you are a great mouth-to-mouth marketing judge, you may lose hundreds of referrals. Satisfied customers quickly share what they think about their business, but what about their known characters who have not experienced their services? Having received the good word about their services, the first thing they will do - is to search for you online, but your efforts will be veins because of your nothingness, or maybe they will find the person offering this kind of Services, like you, and due to this you lose the opportunity to get a new customer. Which has actually indirectly helped your competitor.

    No place is better than the BAD in situ -
    Without a doubt, it is important to have a website for business, but having a bad website can worsen the chances of growth, leaving a misleading impression about your business. While no website is missed or a chance, wrong or bad website means there is no business, so be sensitive in choosing a provider to create your own site. Choosing the right law firm that can understand your business and needs is an important one important task. So now, if you want to have a website for your business, go to InfoTech, here we are going to turn your dreams into a reality site.
  5. olbond

    olbond Member

    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  6. olbond

    olbond Member

    When it comes to setting up a website, I suggest that you go with any easy-to-use website builder. Weebly is my option. You can test it out for free and decide whether it meets your requirements. Also you can consider other free website builders here
  7. MarkB

    MarkB Administrator Staff Member

    It is not always easy to find a balance between the quality and the cost of a website but remember, you will not get a second chance to make a first impression. Your website is in reality a window into your business.
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  8. Wigwam Tog

    Wigwam Tog Ayrshire Web Design

    I agree Mark. So many people look for free D.I.Y. style websites to save money when they start a new business, but this can be a false economy. It may be much better to use an affordable website designer who can help you to get the right on-line presence for your new business and who can help you as you grow through future years. :)
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  9. MarkB

    MarkB Administrator Staff Member

    Personally I would go as far as to suggest if you cant afford a website then look at a business loan - it will more than pay for itself in the short, medium and long term. Every visitor who looks at a poor site and does not come back is a customer lost - there is a financial cost to this which would likely make the cost of a good website look minimal when the lost customers begin to add up. It is a false economy to go cheap and then work your way up to a better site - personal view of course but one which has been felt in the pocket over the years.
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  10. MattW

    MattW Administrator

    Also, going back to the original post, and email accounts, I always suggest to my clients to have their emails hosted away from their sites, and use a 3rd party who specifically do email hosting.

    I personally have my emails with GSuite, but have also tried Amazon, Rackspace and Zoho (free).
  11. Businessman

    Businessman Member

    That's probably true of all promotional materials... But there are worse pitfalls.

    The difficulty with web design is that it's become one of those things people think they can get their 14-year-old nephew to do; or they opt for 'samey' DIY template stuff... That and the cowboys; people who have no clue about things like copyright and IP handling. - One clown (not a kid either, but a self-professed 'expert' in his middle-ages who had been at it for years) I saw had completed an online shop for a whisky distillery. It was selling into the UK to the public, but had prices displayed Ex-Vat; which you cannot legally do! Clearly he wasn't much of a coder, else he would have known how this sort of thing is (has to be) handled. The same idiot was to be found elsewhere pontificating on how to defend yourself against a legal action for copyright infringement - and talking dangerous rubbish in the process. There wasn't much by way of finesse in his visual sense either!

    Of course with these guys, it's the customer who gets fined or winds up in court!

    I wish I could find a link to a picture - but as a quick 'throwaway' bit of street art, one of the lecturer's at Glasgow School of Art once took a piece of cardboard inscribed it (in felt-tip of course) with words along the lines of 'sine writter best prices in scotland [sic]' and tied it to the railings on West Graham St - he included a (mobile) phone number. Apparently, there were calls!

    Cowboys are the bane of anyone who works in the creative industries life!
  12. selfemployed

    selfemployed Super Moderator

    You could possibly argue that if you are not prepared to pay for a good website then maybe dont do one at all?
  13. Businessman

    Businessman Member

    That's possibly good advice - or at least stick to a known basic formula. The trouble is, having some sort of website is the modern day equivalent of an entry in the Yellow Pages. - It's a basic necessity.
  14. selfemployed

    selfemployed Super Moderator

    Maybe a basic contact page if not prepared to build a decent site?
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  15. olbond

    olbond Member

    I highly recommend you to have a look at the wordpress themes by TemplateMonster https://www.templatemonster.com/ . They all are easy to customize. If you want to save your time and effort, be sure to use them to create a website for your business.
  16. MarkB

    MarkB Administrator Staff Member

    What kind of business are you in @olbond ?

    I saw you were very active on the forum in the past and it is great to have you back.
  17. olbond

    olbond Member

    I personally have two websites. Both sites are WordPress that I built myself (it took me a lot of time). If you want a less time-consuming option, I suggest that you go with easy to use website builder. Make sure to read this article - http://www.beautifullife.info/web-design/15-best-free-website-builders/ to decide which on will match your needs better. Those are website builders suited towards less-technically skilled users.
  18. barry100

    barry100 Member

    Hi Liz Bud. I provide website hosting and Email hosting on secure dedicated servers. I also provide website design. have a look at the link in my sig. I have designed around 400 websites for businesses across Scotland.